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Vancomycin Dosing Full

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Full version of Vanc Dosing Calculator, which includes dosing corrections with one and two troughs. Simple and straight forward, the Vanc Dosing Calculator offers pharmacists control over vancomycin kinetics calculations! Use it to calculate the kinetic parameters Ke, Vd, τ , X0, and most importantly, the projected Cmin and Cmax. (And yes! You can play around with the parameters and see how that affects the Cmin and Cmax without having to type those hefty equations on your calculator!). Available on Android (coming soon to iPhone and tablets).FEATURES-- All equations are shown -- know EXACTLY where the numbers came from-- Allows modification of parameters to check the effects on the estimated Cmin and Cmax-- Full control over CrCl - YOU choose how you want to calculate CrCl -- Clean and simple interface, no ads-- Initial dosing calculator for initial vanc dose with projected Cmin and Cmax -- Corrections with one trough level with Cmin and Cmax estimations-- Two-point kinetics - corrections with two trough levels with Cmin and Cmax estimations
Since this is a newly launched app, please feel free to email us with bug reports or suggestions!

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